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This division does software-hardware maintenance for 2000 computers, 250 printers, 100 scanners, 120 data show, 15 network cope machines and 60 monitors. The division also makes sure they work properly in all facilities.



1.      Maintenance and support

The division provides maintenance and technical support for 2000 computers and accessories printers, scanners and data show as well as technical support for programs and applications that students and employees use.

Types of maintenance

. Daily support: when any problem occurs with any device

. Periodic support: when the division does equipment maintenance each semester

2.      Consultative and informative service

By keeping up with the latest IT developments, the division provides technical requirements for computers and accessories. The division also provides technical consultation.





-          Maintain working computers in the university through

·         Install and develop Windows operating systems

·         Install the necessary programs for users

·         Check equipment condition, repair equipment and replace damaged equipment (monitors, cables, mouse and keyboard)

·         Install computers drivers and accessories while meeting manufacturers’ technical requirements

·         Follow-up and repair inner electronic parts and devices in case malfunction



-          Maintain workability and condition of computer accessories (printers, scanners and data show

·         Printers: treated according to type and purpose (local printers, network printers)

·         Scanners (local scanners, network scanners

·         Data show

-          Provide technical requirements, study tenders and receive offers when working with the department of props and services


-          Develop by:


·         Update Windows Outlook

·         Increase Outlook storage on user computers



-          Develop internet by:

·         Develop internet browsers on user computers

·         Adjust browser setting to make sure university systems are working efficiently on computers

·         Adjust proxy settings to ensure internet efficiency


-          Provide technical support for administrative and academic staff members who use email and internet

-          Help system users with their problems and provide technical support and follow-up by:

·         Update internet browsers

·         Install the needed programs for system reporting

·         Connect systems and printers electronically to print out system reports

·         Make sure systems are connected to their own servers in order to update data


-          Equip labs of faculties, centers and departments by:

·         Provide enough computers for each lab. Considering lab’s capacity, function and the faculty’s technical requirements

·         Install Windows operating system and appropriate software for each lab computer


-          Prepare computers to be connected to the university’s network by:

·         Set and connect directly using wired network cables

·         Connect to wireless network using wireless cords and adjust settings and identification

-          Provide printing for students by connecting lab computers to network printers

-          Train lab supervisors to manage and operate computers

-          Convert the university’s work domain from ZPU to ZU in collaboration with the network engineering division

-          Help install cameras in various university locations

-          Equip control room in Zarqa university, schools and company through:

·         Set computers to fit the surveillance system

·         Prepare camera monitors and adjust settings

·         Provide surveillance monitors for deans and department directors


-          Develop staff expertise to fit the university’s requirements through:

·         Hold daily meetings to exchange and keep up with new expertise amongst division members

·         Introduce a mechanism to assign daily chores and tasks to division members

·         Accomplish tasks and follow-up on them to ensure work progress in the university

Division management tasks

·         Head of maintenance

-          Follow up on internal and external devices maintenance

-          Follow up on maintenance workers and ensure work progress

-          Monitor reoccurring malfunctions and find drastic solutions

-          Receive maintenance requests and assign tasks to members

-          Update and develop working devices

-          Follow up on redistributing working devices and distributing new devices

-          Monitor work progress in labs, oversee computer lab supervisors in faculties and ensure work progress. As well as working with the supervisors in case of new instructions from the center concerning network and lab’s work order. Also concerning center services such as e-testing and internet and other electronic services

·         Computer maintenance technician

-          Maintain and follow up on computers and accessories (printers and scanners) and make sure they are working properly in all university faculties

-          Maintain and follow up on data how

-          Install and maintain Windows systems and make sure they are working properly

-          Install and follow up on required software used in faculties and departments like (admission and registry system and administrative system). As well as monitoring glitches and fixing them

-          Provide technical support for lab supervisors in faculties

-          Provide technical consultation for university staff members(administrative and academic)

-          Document daily work

-          Develop internal and external devices and replace old devices according to requirements

-          Secure university systems and data by:

·         Install and update Antivirus systems to ensure efficient work progress

·         Find solutions to destroy new viruses that were not incorporated in antivirus database

-          Fix technical problems for university employees

-          Create ZU domain user for university staff member computers (administrative and academic staff)

-          Create employees email by connecting server user email to Windows Outlook email


Head of division

Ali Aljawhari

Maintenance technician

Mohammed Rawashdeh

Maintenance technician

Thaer Abu Ali

Maintenance technician

Mohammed Naem

Maintenance technician

Islam Shawish