The computer center designs auto-information systems. Starting with manual system analysis then designing databases and writing programs. Then, the auto-information system is selected and users are trained to use it. Finally, the system is submitted for use.

The computer center provides the proper software-hardware services for 2000 computers, 250 printers, 15 network copy machines, 60 monitors, 100 scanners and 120 data show. The center also guarantees that they work properly in all facilities.

The center provides internet connection for students and university employees. Email and information retrieval are also available through websites for employees and computer labs for students. The center provides Leased line which can serve hundreds of students and employees at 40mb capacity.
The center also does maintenance work on the information network which includes all faculties and departments of the university.

The staff members attend advanced courses in the university and elsewhere in order to improve and evolve.