About Deanship


The term "research" is associated with the term "development". They always come together since actual advancement and success in the various administrative, financial, industrial, scientific and social aspects can only be realized through quantitative and qualitative research. Developed countries compete in their expenditure on research in order to keep up with modernity as well as possess their own tools for knowledge and keys for industry, paving the way of innovation and creativity for its human resources. ZU realizes that the production of knowledge is a priority that will serve the society and make it a centre of culture and civilization.

The DSR was established in 1995 to encourage research papers by staff members in different specialties. As the university is keen on publishing such works, it issues Zarqa Journal for Research and Studies in Humanities, which is biannual and refereed. It receives papers from inside and outside ZU, to be assessed in according to the scientific methods before publishing them. Until present day, (12) volumes have been issued. Focus during the next phase will be on the following:

• Providing cadres, infrastructure and finance for scientific research and facilitating communication between ZU researchers and other universities and national, regional, and international research institutions.
• Developing present post-graduate studies, introducing new programmers of respectable scientific standards, and providing qualified teaching staff remembers and adequate provisions of laboratories.
• Work on developing Zarqa Journal for Research and Studies in Humanities until it acquires a distinguished impact factor among international publications, as well as founding a new journal for "scientific studies" concerned with distinguished scientific researches.