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Cultural and Public Relations have an important role in showing the true image and reputation of the university. Such relations keep the university connected to local community, deliver masses opinions to university, introduce university’s message, goals, philosophies, tasks and activities:

- Issuing documentary periodicals including the regularly periodical "University news "and posting university news on Facebook.

- Documenting events and activities organized by the university through media, submitting an e-journalistic reports about university news and education sector in Jordan and distributing them inside and outside university.

- Organizing cultural and social events and supervising the preparations for exhibitions and festivals hosted by university.

- Receiving delegations and guests as well as preparing visiting programs for university and its guests.

- Having entry visas and residence visas annually reissued for non-Jordanian academic staff members and their families as well as non-Jordanian students.

- Preparing forms of cultural agreement with universities and educational institutions and carrying out their objectives.

Department of Cultural and Public Relations has five branch departments:

- Public Relations Department.

- Cultural Relations Department.

- Media Department

- Arrivals Department - Theatre and Stadiums Department

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