About the Faculty


The Faculty of Law at Zarqa University was established with the university's inception in 1994. It awards a bachelor's degree in law. The faculty holds a scientific conference whenever necessary and a scientific day is organized every year.
The faculty contributes to the achievement of its scientific and social mission and constitutes a tributary for the various sectors at the national and regional levels with scientifically and practically qualified human cadres that contribute to construction and development.During its course, the faculty of Law received hundreds of students who received a distinguished legal education that made them active members of their society. Their jobs varied, including judges, lawyers, academics and employees. They were highly qualified in all these fields and proved their merit and distinction.
The Faculty of Law at Zarqa University is now considered one of the most distinguished law faculties in Jordan, where students come from different governorates of the Kingdom and most of the countries of the Arab world due to its reputation and efficiency, where they receive an education that suits their aspirations and future aspirations.
In its educational program, the Faculty adheres to local and international standards of quality. For this, it applies the latest educational means and methods, makes use of all available educational resources, attracts the best teaching and administrative expertise, and strives continuously for development and modernization.Its efforts culminated in obtaining a quality assurance certificate in 2021 from the Higher Education Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission.
The Faculty of Law offers an academic program that grants a bachelor's degree in law after the student successfully passes a total of 141 credit hours. The system in force in the college allows the student, in addition to theoretical academic studies, to pursue practical applications in the field of law and the judiciary.The Faculty pays special attention to the issue of training students in addition to theoretical studies, by closely linking these two aspects through the program's focus on the applied and practical aspects related to developing and enhancing students' skills to be able to be creative in the professional field to meet the increasing needs in the labor market.For this reason, the faculty has allocated a mock courtroom that has the latest equipment, and the number of college graduates has reached more than 1,000, most of whom have entered professional fields of work and have proven their worth and competence.
The faculty also offers an academic program that grants a master's degree in law, both public and private, after the student successfully passes a total of 33 credit hours in the thesis and comprehensive tracks. This program was recently approved by a decision from the Higher Education Accreditation Commission and the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.The study began in it as of the beginning of the second semester of the academic year 2020/2021, and this program came in response to the needs of students and in response to the need of the labor market.This program is considered a continuation of the Master of Laws program specializing in Intellectual Property and Innovation Management, which was offered by the Faculty since the second semester of the academic year 2016/2017 and has been converted into a Master of Law program, which seeks to develop the Faculty of Law and to graduate students in various legal disciplines who are qualified to serve the national, regional and international needs.
The faculty adopts a distinguished approach based on considering the student as the center and goal of the educational process. Based on this approach, the faculty of Law gives its dear students the necessary attention, which is reflected in the continuous work to provide a supportive environment for learning.And special care to provide all facilities and capabilities, and to work on developing the students' ability to integrate into the educational process and interact with it in order to achieve the desired goals by graduating effective and successful students capable of advancing and advancing their society.