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About the Faculty


It was established in 1994, responding to the policy of the university that is built on Islamic creed and the concepts of faith, knowledge and deed. The faculty of Shari’a houses two departments:
- Department of Foundations of Religion. - Department of Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence.
So far, the faculty involves nine academic staff members. Within the past several years, the faculty has held manyconferences and scientific days.

The faculty seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Graduating students capable of understanding legislative rules and implement them in accordance with the general purposes of Islamic legislation.
  2. Raising religious awareness among the individuals in the community and spreading the spirit of compliance with the rules of Islam.
  3. Contributing effectively to scientific research papers, conferences, seminars and different studies, particularly in the fields and issues characterized by modernity in order to create a sound jurisprudential opinion without contradiction with the legislative purposes and achieve the interest of both individuals and community.
  4. Demonstrating the bright image of Islam and creating the objective scientific mentality characterized by moderation and centralism.
  5. Paying special attention to Islamic jurisprudence and its divisions, particularly deduction and rooting.
  6. Creating Islamic personality faithful to its religion, country and nation, marked by understanding deeply the Islamic religion and gathering modernity and tradition.
  7. Creating jurisprudential and scientific talent, developing the skill of reading, deducing, concluding and writing scientific researches.
  8. Training and preparing specialized scientific competences that meet the needs of contemporary Islamic community inside and outside the fields of thought, legislation, judiciary, economy, education, social reform and scientific legacy.
  9. Making progress in methods and curricula of education established in the faculty in the fields of jurisprudence, foundations of Hadith and Quran to fit the requirements of current issues.