Centers Computer Center Call center division

This division connects the university within and with the outside world via calls and messages


·         Connect internal network to external network

·         Represent the university well through costumer service

·         Offer help and consultation as much as possible

·         Facilitate employee connection and communication


-          Receive incoming calls and transfer them to requested departments

-          Secure outgoing calls and keep speed and accuracy

-          Keep internal call network fully running while doing constant maintenance

-          Sort out long distant calls (personal or formal), audit them and submit financial reports to call center’s programmed system

-          Sort out university incoming mail (ordinary or registrar mail) and deliver accordingly

-          Provide instructions for internal call network users on how to divert , hold and take calls and on giving permissions and how to keep work in progress

-          Keep up with the university’s  growth by increasing phone lines, network’s size and call center capacity as well as updating internal phone lines


Mohammad Albdoor

Hyam Assaf