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The Faculty of Information Technology


The Faculty of Information Technology was established at the beginning of the university’s establishment in the year 1994 in response to the urgent need of the society for qualified graduates in various technological specialties. The faculty has been working to prepare scientific cadres specialized in the field of information technology to supply the market. The faculty includes four academic departments: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security, all of which use English as a teaching language. The department includes a number of faculty members of various academic ranks, and it also includes administrators such as the head of the office, the secretariat of the faculty and departments, and a group of supervisors and technicians working in computer laboratories.

The faculty grants the first university degree in its programs offered at the bachelor’s level after the students successfully complete (132) credit hours and that their cumulative average of no less than (60%), and the master’s degree is also granted in three programs: computer science, software engineering and cyber security, after the student completes (33) hours and has a cumulative average of no less than (75%).

Achievements of the faculty:

  1. The faculty supervises the International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT), which is an international scientific, peer-reviewed, indexed, and periodical journal issued by Zarqa University in Jordan. It is a journal specializing in the field of information technology, and it issues six issues per year in English. It has been accredited as an official scientific journal for the Association of Faculties of Computers and Information emanating from the Federation of Arab Universities after its permanent headquarters was hosted at Zarqa University in 2007, and the Arab International Journal of Information Technology indexed by 14 international institutions, the most important of which is Clarivate Analytics, which is considered one of the most important and largest operating institutions. In the field of indexing scientific journals, it includes under its umbrella dozens of institutions that publish information. The journal has an Impact Factor since 2010, noting that it is the only scientific journal in Jordan indexed by this international institution.
  2. The Arab International Conference on Information Technology (ACIT) is a scientific refereed conference specialized in the field of information technology. It is held annually in December in one of the Arab universities, and it emanates from the Association of Faculties of Computers and Information, which is based at Zarqa University in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan as a permanent headquarters for its general secretariat.
  3. The first conference was at Zarqa Private University in Jordan in 2000, and then it was hosted since then in many Jordanian and Arab universities. The last session of the conference was in its twenty-first session at Misr University for Science and Technology - Egypt, from 28-30/11/2020.
  4. Zarqa University has been chosen to be the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Association of Faculties of Computers and Information emanating from the Association of Arab Universities, and the faculty oversees all the activities of this association.
  5. The faculty obtained a quality certificate in the academic year 2019/2020, and it is looking forward to obtaining a distinguished classification for its academic programs at the level of the Kingdom, the Arab world, and internationally.