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About the faculty


The faculty was established in 1994. It grew and thrived until it became one of the biggest faculties of the university in terms of number of students, professors and academic fields. The faculty includes two departments and a unit:

  • Arabic language and Literature.
  • English Language and Literature and Translation .
  • University Requirement Coordination Unit

The faculty has worked to spread and maintain Arabic language. It has also worked to prepare a generation of specialists who serve the country and contribute to the studies and researches that the community needs. It holds a scientific conference every two years, organizes a scientific day yearly, and provides an integrated academic structure for students such as modern labs, particularly the digital labs in the department of English language. The faculty has been able to bring over fifty-nine competent teaching members from Jordan and abroad. Furthermore, it sent nine M.A instructors and B.A students to some prestigious European universities and Jordanian ones for having PhD and M.A in English language and Translation within the plan of the faculty which aims at developing the quality and raising the scientific, practical and theoretical aspects.

The faculty aims to be distinguished among its Jordanian counterparts by constant development of education and quality assurance. Achievements were accomplished when Arabic language and Literature Students had the first position among all governmental and private universities in Efficiency Test held by the ministry of higher education and research in the first semester of the academic year 2006-2007 and the same position among all private universities in the first semester of the next year. Moreover, the faculty inaugurated MA program in English Language and Literature and started teaching it in 2010-2011 as MA program in Arabic language and Literature was inaugurated 2011-2012.