Deans Addmission The Admission and Registration Unit
The Admission and Registration Unit


This unit was established in 1994, and is considered the bank of information that feeds the various university departments with the necessary information; to serve the academic and educational process at the university, it is the link that connects the students to the university, it is where the student starts the first steps of his academic career, and comes out of it carrying his documents of graduation and his testimonies, and the unit is keen to keep up with technical developments in the computerized registration system, including the development of the service provided to students in cooperation with various university departments.

The following are some tasks of the Admission and Registration Unit:

  • Monitor the implementation of regulations relevant to students’ admission, reception, registration, and transferring as well as university regulations for granting the bachelor degree.
  • Monitor the process of electronic registration, carried out by the students themselves, where the student can access the registration system and select the subjects that he wants to register, or to withdraw or add, or even inquire about his grades, in addition to all his academic affairs.
  • Preparation of the academic calendar to submit it to the Council of Deans for approval.
  • Check the files of graduates and follow-up on the procedures of graduation, and inform the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the names of the graduates.
  • Coordination of the academic process at the university through registering subjects, performing withdrawal and adding for the students, overseeing the guidance process, and implementation of the study plans for all university students.
  • Monitor grades of students, and document and computerize them in writing after checking, and announce them every semester, issue transcripts and certificates of graduates, and various papers, and follow-up monitoring the grades electronically, and check them after they are entered by the teachers themselves, then adopt them after the approval of the head of the department and dean of the faculty.