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The network and engineering division is responsible for designing and developingthe requirements for servers which are the foundation for all electronic systems and services. This division repairs, studies and updates more than 35 servers as well as making them up to specifications. The division provides an internal network of over 70 main and sub servers. It also maintains and updates the network.

The network and engineering division is also responsible for programing the university call center when it comes to auto response and clearing lines. As well as providing internet and email services.
Division staff: four engineers.


1.      Develop ways to secure the university’s databases through:

. Update database servers and prepare new servers for uploaded data

. Use cluster technology to keep the database running in case of malfunction

. Connect database with external storage units and isolating it using internal network

. Reactivate ways to collects backup copies and program accordingly

. Collect backup copies of data and servers and program accordingly

. Provide and keep backup copies of database outside university to secure information and data in case of catastrophe

. Update and develop database servers for quicker access as well as developing the internal network’s infrastructure and increase network’s equipment speed

2.      Develop email through:

. Develop system version by using the latest version

. Use advanced servers with excellent qualifications and high capacity

. Activate new Instant Messaging system

. Increase user’s email storage capacity

. Use Microsoft Office 365 for students emails

3.      Develop internet by:

. Increase internet speed to 60Mbps

. Use microwave technology instead of land lines or fiber lines. Whereas microwave works wirelessly with hardly any disconnections at half the price

. Use a new filtering system for unwanted sites and limit sites that use too much speed

. Use microwave technology to connect ZEIC with the university’s internal network. Whereas such foundation are now connected in a single network and can easily exchange data with no need for internet connection.

4.      Technically support academic and administrative employees who use internet and email. As well as setting computer labs and connecting them to the internal network.

5.      Develop university’s network by:

. Build the three-layer design model which includes core layer, distribution layer and access layer

. Replace the main core switch distributer with two faster and more evolved distributers for the main internal network layer. And use VSS to connect them.

. Distributors in university were replaced and increased to five faster and more evolved distributers across the university

. Nearly 30 access distributers that were directly connected to user computers where replaced with faster and more evolved distributers with 1GBps per distributer. PoE technology is used to save energy for some distributers that can use that to operate cameras or wireless access points.

. Re-extend some network points in several facilities using high speed new cables

. Fully equip internal network in new facilities and prepare user equipment to be connected to the internal network.

6.      Provide the requirements for the engineering building network, install necessary equipment and check network points. As well as working with the network’s contractor to extend external lines in the building and prepare necessary materials for it. Then connect devices in the building.

7.      Provide the requirements for the economics building and use up to date cables. As well as working with the contractor to extend external lines in the building and prepare the necessary materials for that.

8.      Improve the staff’s expertise in the networks and engineering division to fit the university’s requirements through:

. Hold daily meetings to keep up with new expertise and circulate them amongst engineers

. Attend advanced training courses in the university and elsewhere such as (Microsoft Certified Network Professional, Microsoft Certified IT Professional, sun cluster 3.2, sun Solaris 10, sun messaging server)

. Attend seminars held in Jordan by global companies through formal invites

9.      Support e-learning center by:

. Put up the network in the center’s offices and lab

. Assign an outside broadcasting server and connect it to the internal transmitter

.prepare internal transmission for broadcast by preparing the university’s internal server

Prepare Moodle-operated labs and make it easy to access by users

10.  Repair malfunctions in the call center and working on its management programs to give permissions, activate lines and prepare monthly financial reports

11.   Put up and maintain a camera surveillance system through

. Update network to fit new services

. Provide technical requirements and study the university’s campus by working with several companies

. Install, program and connect cameras to independent storage units

. Maintain and follow-up on cameras

12.  Install over 500 inner and outer cameras across campus and connecting them to the internal network. As well as having independent storage servers for cameras which can store records for one month using an independent storage and control system

13.  Build a control room with nearly 76 monitors and 34 computers to monitor over 500 cameras in the university’s building and squares.


Division tasks

-          Provide the proper environment to receive database, email and internet services, camera surveillance systems and others.

-          Use the necessary programs and gadgets to secure all systems, services, servers and equipment

-          Provide internet for constant users and use the needed technology for filtering

-          Update and follow-up on the internal network which connects all servers and devices

-          Follow-up, maintain and update necessary servers

-          Properly support systems and services such as (surveillance cameras, email, printers, call center, announcement monitors, e-learning, digital linguistics…etc.)

-          Technically support and advice users within the division’s responsibility

-          Provide technical requirements, study tenders and offers and submit  required briefings

-          Find ways to provide backup copies and data retrieval in case of loss



Head of division
Mahmoud Nour

Network and system engineer
Khaled Naddaf


Network and system engineer
Alaa Abu Sarhan

Network and system engineer
Baraa Mahmoud