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Welcome from the President


In the name of Allah the Most Compassionate, most Merciful

Praise be to Allah, for His blessings, justice and mercy. Peace be upon Prophet Mohammad, his family, companions, and followers.

In response to the great commandment of Allah, who says in the Holy Quran to count His blessings, we seek to list our achievements. Zarqa University has spared no effort to make its way towards the desired excellence at a steady pace .It has always been a model of the serious university teaching , and an example to be followed in raising the adequacy of teaching and learning processes locally and internationally . It has occupied this sublime position, in comparison with many local and international educational institutions. Zarqa University has overcome all the difficulties and challenges facing the education sector in the present critical era. The University has initiated solid steps in obtaining local accreditation for all its diverse academic programs that are compatible with the needs of the local community, as well as obtaining international funds for these programs. It believes in the need to cooperate with local, regional and international universities in various educational fields, academic research and relevant agreements to ensure the quality of higher education, and community service. The University continued to pursue the development of specialized academic programs in the various fields of knowledge in the fourteen faculties which include specializations in 43 disciplines of fields of knowledge such as the humanitarian and scientific aspects and their respective areas of application. There is also a constant interest in the development of the academic competence of faculty members in accordance with international standards, attracting outstanding academic staff, and improving the academic work as recognized by the local, regional and international standards. In this context, the University has spared no effort to achieve its vision and mission. It has provided classrooms and advanced scientific laboratories that suit the requirements of higher education and scientific application of specialized knowledge based on the latest technology and educational systems. The Central Library assets are constantly updated by important references that aim at developing and activating the scientific research. The Library has access to diverse global data service for learning and education. In addition to this, the University has taken care of extracurricular activities for students, such as student clubs, sports facilities like halls and playgrounds, guidance and vocational services and training courses to enrich their educational experience and refine their talents as part of preparation for life after graduation. Moreover, the University's Center for Continuing Education and Community Service is the most conspicuous evidence of the University's strong partnership with the local community through the provision of training and continuing education programs, field guidance, expertise and advice in various practical aspects, as well as hosting many local and regional activities in the Campus. These achievements of the Zarqa University, which are confident steps towards globalization, would not have been possible without the constant efforts of the Board of Directors of Zarqa Company for Education and Investment; as represented by its Chairman, Dr. Mahmoud Abu Shaireh; and the efforts of the University's Board of Trustees, which is headed by Mr. Sameer Al-Habashna. Finally, we pray Allah Almighty to preserve Jordan as a homeland for good, liberality, civilization and building, in the presence of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein and his faithful Crown Prince.

And our last prayer is that Praise be to Allah, and peace and mercy of Allah be upon you.