PRC-ZU is a leading pharmaceutical research center located at Zarqa university that has been approved by the ministry of higher education and scientific research on 07/2020. PRC-ZU was established to achieve the following strategic goals: 
To be a scientific research center of excellence that serve the researchers inside Zarqa university and other Jordanian universities. 
Improve the scientific research quality at Zarqa university. 
Activating the link with the pharmaceutical companies and reducing the gap between academia and industry 
To meet the growing needs of pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in drug discovery and testing.  
Improve the skills of graduates and university staff in scientific research. 
The center is composed of the following sections: 
Animal research facility 
Analytical laboratories 
Cell culture laboratory 
PRC-ZU can provide the following services for researchers and the industrial sector: 
Preclinical drug development studies 
In-vivo animal studies  
Toxicological studies 
Drug substances and drug product testing 
Analytical methods development and validation