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E-tests and level tests

E-testing was incorporated in the university to stay up to date when it comes to Information Technology and computers as well as to improve student level assessment. E-tests are supervised, managed and coordinated by the staff of the testing branch. This qualified staff manages the testing process and coordinates with teachers in putting up exams and extracting answers and reports which teachers need to complete required studies.

The e-learning center has created and developed a system specifically for e-testing. The system is equipped with the needed features and abilities for the testing process. The system is fast, efficient and confidential and it now fits the teachers’ needs with the use of the latest programing technology. Here are some of its features:

  • Saves the time it takes to corrects exams. Therefore, exams are completed sooner
  • Provides accurate results
  • Calculates the answering percentage for each question using statistics

    Examples of e-tests

Level test instructions for students

  • Pay level test fees in the financial department
  • Examination must be at the appointed time found in the receipt
  • Bring identification
  • Acquire student password from the department of admission and registry 

Instruction for Moodle e-testing process

  • Exam must be in Moodle format and teacher/coordinator must submit exam to the e-learning center 24-48 hours before examination time
  • Computer labs are reserved for exams through an official from the faculty of science or the e-learning center after providing the number of students
  • Teacher/coordinator must revise the Moodle exam with the programmers in the center and then sign the prepared model
  • Teachers must remind students to have their acquired passwords and activate them in room no. 25B in the e-learning center