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Course management system CMS Moodle

Zarqa University first started using CMS in 2004. And it is web-operated specialized program used to publish and develop websites’ electronic content. Users can form and develop interactive webpages and applications with little, or no programing knowledge or expertise. And they can do so without messing up the system programing.

The system stores content using database which allows it to view the content on the web in a special organized manner. A number of external sophisticated applications also support the system.

CMS tasks

-          Content can be easily edited and added

-          Organize permissions to use different features of the system

-          Manage e-learning and content exchange process

-          Quick and easy access any time and place

-          Interaction between teachers and students is possible through uploaded lessons and courses

-          Ability to study when computer and web connection is available

-          Data storage complications are blocked from users whether it’s text, images or other media. And site managing is facilitated for non-expert on web technology

-          Insert and manage student data

-          Schedule courses and organize teaching plan

-          Make content available for students

-          Examine students and assess them


The system includes about 4560 lessons