Library Scheme


The building of the library consists of 4 floors with a total area of 6000 square meters. Also, the building is known for being spacious, well-organized, ventilated, well-lit, and equipped with central heating and cooling systems.

  • Basement Floor: houses the Technical Service Department which is concerned with supplying , cataloguing and classification, many stores, a lobby and Book Dedication and Exchange Unit and tow rooms for early Arabic and foreign periodicals
  • Ground Floor: it includes the Hashemite hall, the Library’s administration, the Library’s office, book loans and returns office, the reception, the electronic control centre, the electronic library, a Library and Information Science workshop and current Foreign and Arabic periodicals rooms for students.
  • First Floor: it has Arabic books, 2 internet labs for students and researchers, 13 study spaces and prayer room for male students.
  • Second Floor: it includes a foreign book room, Arabic and Foreign references room, Hadith studies room, Internet lab, discussion room, reading room as well as 13 study spaces for students and researchers and prayer room for female students.