Administrative departments

Administrative departments

Library Unit

Zarqa University's library was established side by side with the inauguration of the university, at the beginning of the academic year 1994-1995,

Quality Assurance Unit

A quality assurance system has been established after university's participation in the evaluation project of computer programs in Jordanian universities in 2001.

Cultural and Public Relations

Cultural and Public Relations have an important role in showing the true image and reputation of the university. Such relations keep the university connected to local community,

Human Resources

The Human Resources (HR) Department was established in 1994. It consists of the following units: Administrative Staff Members Unit,

Medical Services and Health Insurance

Since its establishment, Zarqa University is keen on providing the best medical care and services for its members. For this purpose, it established the

The International Projects Management Unit

The International Projects Management Unit (IPMU) was established in 2016 to be the bridge between Zarqa University and international

Public Services and Maintenance

This department was established in 1994 and is considered important because of its role in providing various services for faculties and departments. It also includes competent technical