Department of Medical Services and Health Insurance

Zara University has always sought to offer the best healthcare possible for its employees and students by providing a pharmacy and a dental clinic which involve highly qualified and accredited dentists and doctors.

Healthcare Centre:

The university offers a highly qualified medical cadre who provide their services from 8:00 am till 7:00 pm. The centre also includes three clinics, four nurses, an emergency rooms with 4 beds and necessary medical devices for emergency cases, and a pharmacy.

Dental Clinic:

It offers dental care through a specialized dental clinic involving two male and female dentists. It is also connected to medical networks outside the university.

Health Assurance Unit:

This unit deals with employees’ health assurance affairs, provides a health assurance service in the best hospitals and medicals networks accredited in the kingdom, manages all hospital entry procedures as well as financial claims and different assurance problems that students night have.


Healthcare Assurance Unit does the following tasks:

-          Treating students and employees.

-          Dealing with emergency cases and transferring crucial cases to hospitals and specialized doctors.

-          Raising awareness among students and employees through courses, campaigns and medical colloquiums.

-          Organizing annual blood donation campaigns in cooperation with students.

-          Taking care of health assurance affairs, financial claims and student health assurance problems.

-          Organizing free medical days including medical tests and treatment throughout Zarqa city.

-          Examining new employees’ health by certain medical committees.

-          Examining the quality of food and beverage provided for both employees and students.

-          Providing dental services at university and outside it.

-          Promoting medical and technical cadres’s efficiency through specialized courses.

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