Vision, Mission



Excellence in providing up-to-date health and medical care.


Provide privileged and secure medical service of high quality and reasonable cost with commitment to continuous enhancing and development, in addition to the optimal use of the available resources, through qualified medical personnel and modern technology due to effective contribution in raising the level of health care and serving the local community.

Core Values
  1. Excellence and quality in providing services to patients.
  2. The patient First: the patient is our main concern to determine and fulfill his needs and expectations.
  3. Respect the patients’ values and privacy: we commit to respecting the patient’s values and maintain confidentiality and privacy of patient’s information related to his case.
  4. Credibility and accountability: We maintain our credibility in practicing and accountability based on commitment to the professional ethics.
  5. Social Responsibility: We commit to our role in the local community service field.
  6. Continuous Education: We commit with education, development, and follow up to all developments in the medical care field.

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