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The Business Incubator at Zarqa University Holds a Workshop Entitled (TOT)
Date 14-10-2021

 جامعة الزرقاء - حاضنة الأعمال في جامعة الزرقاء تعقد ورشة بعنوان (TOT  )

The Business Incubator at Zarqa University held a Training of Trainers (TOT) workshop in cooperation with the SPARK organization, on Monday 11/10/2021 and lasted for three days.

The workshop was attended by the director of the business incubator, Prof. Dr. Hamed Al-Fawara, and members of the incubator's council, in addition to members in different Faculties.

The Director of Development, Training Content and Training, Dr. Samar Akhou Zahya, talked about setting priorities at Zarqa University to work with students expected to graduate and graduates, enhancing the skills of graduates to prepare for the labor market, how to manage, facilitate and coordinate education groups and patterns using management techniques, and how to organize groups for collective learning, peer review and group work. Evaluation, and their role in increasing the process of human resource development with various institutions.

The second session included a talk about entrepreneurship and employment, the concept of entrepreneurship, business plan model, training tools for problem solving and creative thinking, and how to prepare students for presentations using the one-minute presentation model.

On the third day, the workshop discussed the mechanisms of guiding students to search for work, developing commercial and industrial awareness related to applying for a job, how to train students to prepare a CV and how to conduct personal interviews.

At the end of the workshop, the president of the university, Prof. Nidal Al-Ramahi, honored the participants, stressing the importance of entrepreneurship and the support that Zarqa University provides to creative students and faculty members, and thanked the Spark Organization, the trainers and the business incubator for their efforts.