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COVID-19 Vaccine Center in Zarqa University is Now Open!
Date 06-04-2021

 جامعة الزرقاء - ‎افتتاح مركز لتلقي لقاح كورونا في جامعة الزرقاء

The Corona Vaccine Center at Zarqa University started receiving citizens to receive the registered Coronavirus vaccines through the Ministry of Health platform, starting from nine in the morning until three in the afternoon on Tuesday morning 4-4-2021.


The center and its headquarters in the Zarky Palladium, which comes in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the National Center for Security and Crisis Management, received large numbers of citizens during its first day, provided that the numbers increase in the coming days.


Cadres from Zarqa University who are students of the specialty of nursing participate in the vaccination process, after undergoing training on how to administer the vaccine against the Corona virus, in addition to cadres of specialists in the field of information technology and workers at Zarqa University to document the vaccination process and electronically follow up of vaccine recipients who received the vaccine at the center, in addition to others to provide logistics services to the center.

The Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Nidal Aisha, said that the opening of the center came under direct instructions from the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Zarqa Company for Education and Investment, Dr. Mahmoud Abu Shaira. Believing in the importance of partnering with national institutions for the sake of serving the local community and the safety of citizens, overcoming this epidemic towards a safe summer, and consolidating the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein in the necessity of joining forces among all the nation's institutions to fight the Corona epidemic and ease its effects on society.

He pointed out that the university is a national institution that carries the homeland’s concern, and only accepts to be proactive in responding to its call, stressing that the university is walking in the footsteps of the Hashemite leadership, inspired by it with determination and persistence. The establishment of a center for vaccination against Corona virus inside its campus, which will be a distinctive station for administering the vaccine to the people of Zarqa Governorate, as the center has been equipped with (25) clinics and with all the necessary human cadres and material and logistical requirements to complete the vaccination process with all craftsmanship, speed and organization.

On his part, the Dean of Student Affairs, Prof. Majed, Massadeh, indicated that Zarqa University is always keen to harness all its human and material capabilities in serving the local community and providing support to national institutions, especially in exceptional cases such as the Corona virus, based on the university’s role in active participation in national duties and community development.