About Conf.

Zarqa University adopted since its establishment in 1994 the policy of encouraging scientific research in the field of scientific conferences and publications. The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences reflected this policy by conducting ten international scientific conferences included the economic, administrative, accounting, finance, marketing and the related development issues in these fields. The 11th International scientific conference comes under the slogan of

Financial and Banking Shifts, Reality Vs Prospects" as a continuation for the policy of the University and the faculty in this field. In light of the tremendous developments in the international economic arena especially with respect to the growth of financial and banking services industry; their development tools; and their activities during the past three decades.

The Arab, regional and international environments have seen radical financial and banking transitions through the intensification of international competition to attract foreign capital, the emergence of huge financial and banking entities, breadth of the role of international companies, employing developments in modern information and communications technology along with the spread of money laundering operations. Which made it necessary to deal with those transitions through their dimensions and implications analysis, and the development of a future vision kept pace with the acceleration of these transformations in the context of the need for a strategy comprehensive management, accounting, economic, marketing, financial and information.