About the center

A welcome letter Director of the Arabic Language Center For Non-Native Speakers 

The Arabic Language Center For Non-Native Speakers at Zarqa University, Jordan, is considered to be one of the most distinguished and active center of its kind in Jordan at most. 

Established in 1994, The center has been able, during a very short and measurable time to prove its efficiency and proficiency in Teaching Arabic to Non-Arabs. 

The teaching experience ensures that all over students achieve their objectives from teaching Arabic Language for different purposes. 

The center always endeavor to improve the methods of teaching, to develop its performance and to keep listening to the students needs and wants in order to keep improving the center's performance. 

We do really give much care and attention to the cultural atmosphere of the world, to make them know Jordan and to be accustomed with our culture. 

Moreover, special visits are organized to different tourists and historic sites spreading all over the kingdom and prominent establishments as well. 

Besides, the center organizes an special seminars and lectures presented by a prominent cultural & academic Jordanian figures. 

Thus, we do really believe that Zarqa University's social program will help you to have a clear and bright ideas about our country's people, culture, style of life and makes it quite convenient to meet different students coming from different parts of the world where cultures, traditions and getting mutual experience interwoven in a very interesting and exiting way. 

It is your chance to learn the Language and meet different cultures and civilizations from all over the world.