Development and Quality Assurance Unit

A quality assurance system has been established after university’s participation in the evaluation project of computer programs in Jordanian universities in 2001. This project was initiated by Al-Hussein Fund for Creativity and Excellence and supervised by the British Quality Assurance Agency(BQAA). The participation in this project was to assure university’s commitment toward education’s efficiency, and to achieve the intended outcomes. Development and Quality Assurance Unit was established through setting up a special committee to set bases, standards and actions.

Quality assurance evaluation is done by two parts:

- Accreditation and Quality Assurance Committee which sets up policies, consider the process of work, propose planning activities, document quality plans, detect their voids and problems, and supervises Development and Quality Assurance Unit.

- Development and Quality Assurance Unit which represents the executive right hand of quality programs, provides consultation for university units, fulfils the needs of students, gathers information about performance quality, checks quality assurance system regularly, controls the evaluation of all academic specialties and submits regularly reports university president.

Quality assurance is considered essential in the work of every employee at university. The special guide of quality assurance came to help employees go forward in their work as it shows public policies, bases and standards relevant to the process of education. Also, this guide is an important reference for academic departments to be evaluated officially by commissions from outside the university.


Prof. Nidhal Al Ramahi - Manager