Dean's Word


Praise be to Allah, prayer and peace be upon His prophets and messenger, our prophet Muhammad and his family and companions, I am pleased to welcome you at the site of the Faculty of Graduate Studies at Zarqa University, and in light of the orientations for the development of graduate studies at Zarqa University, the Dean of the Faculty developed a comprehensive strategy for the postgraduate programs and researches in accordance with the quality standards to keep pace with their counterparts from the local, regional, and international universities, and an executive action plan targeting the current and future needs of local and regional community's, which stems from the university's commitment to direct the activities of programs and postgraduate research so that their university researches and their messages match global levels and adapt to the needs of the local community to serve human development and to identify priorities in shaping its future and resolving the problems it may face to form a solid scientific base that supports postgraduate research projects. The Deanship supervises the master's programs offered by the university in various disciplines, and works to provide an atmosphere of scientific research for students, linking their theses to different fields of work, to activate their role in community service. The Faculty offers twelve master's programs in the following fields: Marketing, Computers, Software Engineering, Mathematics, Accounting, English Language and Linguistics, Business Administration, Islamic Banking ,Nursing Administration and Pharmaceutical Sciences.
The Deanship is committed to its mission through the creation of the disciplines needed for graduate studies (Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, Civil engineering, Electrical engineering and Electronic educational administration Pubic Health Department), and to activate scientific activities in all areas of life. The message, vision, and values of Graduate Studies at the university were identified in addition to the ethics of scientific research and scientific credibility to become the principles under which students and researchers work at the university and invest university sources. The Faculty of Graduate Studies creates an appropriate environment for faculty members, student researchers, to conduct scientific studies within and outside the university in various disciplines, and provide various facilities needed. The Council of the Faculty of Graduate Studies supervises the Department of Graduate Studies, and they are both chaired by the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, who chooses for the its membership a number of specialized faculty and community members. The Faculty encourages joint supervision teams from inside and outside the university, and is working on guiding it to the development and treatment of local and regional community causes, and also works on documenting all these and other scientific publications of faculty members and students seeking to put it within the Faculty and university library database, as well as the University of Jordan Library database to be accessible by researchers, both locally and globally.

Department of Graduate Studies: It has the following responsibilities:
  • Receive enrollment applications for graduate programs.
  • Study applications and enter them into the computer and send them to the academic departments for consideration to announce the name of the ones admitted in newspapers, and open files for the students admitted. Follow up on their situation in terms of postponing, extension, determining the path, the appointment of supervisors, and the appointment of discussion committees.
  • Examining and preparing lists of graduates at the end of each semester.
  • Prepare bulletins related to graduate studies, a guide for theses, statistics, and studies related to the preparation of graduate studies.
  • Courses equation and calculation for students.
  • Follow-up on study plans and examine amendments.
  • Receive university theses of graduate students.
  • Respond to inquiries of students and academic departments with regard to postgraduate studies.
  • receive and examine rations requests in each semester and preparing lists of applying students to sent to the academic departments concerned for studying.
  • check lists of rations and present them to the Council of Graduate Studies.
  • Make all students sign pledges and guarantees.
  • Examine assigns of academic departments regarding pensions and university fees and sent to the Department of Finance.
  • Issue documents relating to the academic situations of students.
  • Supervising the computers and other devices in the deanship, maintenance, development, and training of staff in the deanship on the use of modern software to develop their performance.
  • Supervise the site of the Faculty of Graduate Studies on the Internet and enter the necessary updated information.
  • Any other duties assigned to the department.

The Deanship is working hard to develop and automate its services to facilitate procedures and activate the rapid adoption of decisions to achieve the university's vision and strategy regarding education over the university, which enhances its role in achieving leadership in the field of graduate studies. Thank you.

Thank you.