The postgraduate program in pharmaceutical sciences( the thesis path and the comprehensive path) was opened in the first semester of 2018/2019 The department worked on developing a study plan for the master's program with its two tracks and working on equipping the necessary laboratories to keep pace with the development in pharmacology. It was taken into consideration to focus on applied research that would be of practical benefit.

The study plan for the master's program in pharmaceutical sciences ensured the integration of theoretical courses with practical and research applications in the specialty of pharmacy in line with scientific developments at the local and international levels.

Excellence in higher education and scientific research by preparing master's holders who are trained and qualified to conduct international research and assist in teaching and scientific research. The message
Providing distinguished scientific and research programs to meet the needs of the local, regional and international market. Program Goals
Based on Zarqa University's vision, mission, and general goals, and as a commitment to them, the master's program aims to achieve a set of goals, including: Developing the critical thinking, analytical and research capabilities of pharmacists with master's degrees.
Developing the ability of pharmacists with master's degrees to plan, connect ideas and solve problems within a working group in different pharmaceutical disciplines Enhancing research cooperation between pharmaceutical institutions, such as factories, drug companies, and research centers. Educational outcomes Designing and conducting pharmaceutical experiments, conducting analytical studies, and interpreting statistical data. Playing his/ her role efficiently either as an independent researcher or part of a research team Having pharmacists with master's degrees who participate in medical conferences and workshops , write and publish research in various pharmaceutical journals.