The teacher is the main element of the teaching-learning process. He is the person who organizes, develops and facilitates the learning and teaching processes. He is responsible for bringing about the required change in the student's personality in terms of cognitive, emotional and psychomotor aspects. To achieve all this, he must possess a set of qualities that are compatible with the twenty-first-century data; this is why the Jordanian Ministry of Education is interested in developing the skills of its teachers by enrolling them in the Higher Diploma in Education program. The need for a higher diploma in education is an essential requirement for workers in the field of education; To develop themselves and raise their knowledge and skill competencies in line with the technological revolution that the world is witnessing, which must coexist with it and employ it in various areas of life, including the educational field.

Excellence in providing an advanced educational environment that ensures leadership and creativity in outcomes.

Preparing a creative administrative teacher capable of developing within the educational environment and contributing to the educational institution to which he belongs.

  1. Qualifying workers in education, including teachers and administrators, to perform their duties and job duties perfectly.
  2. Preparing academically, professionally and technologically qualified cadres to supply the Jordanian and Arab field with specialized competencies.
  3. Building educational cadres compatible with the information age and armed with modern teaching skills to exercise their roles effectively.
  4. To identify the most critical trends and modern theories in educational sciences.
  5. Applying the foundations and theories of the school curriculum in practice through modern electronic technologies.
  6. Introducing participants to contemporary trends in the field of educational administration.
  7. To develop participants' knowledge of information, concepts, theories and principles related to learning.
  8. Enabling administrators and teachers to acquire and benefit from modern knowledge and technology tools.
  9. Positive communication with the local community to ensure the progress of education towards progress and development.
  10. Training administrators, teachers and supervisors to ensure the progress of education towards a knowledge economy.
11- Develop students' scientific research skills to enable them to conduct scientific research systematically.
Employment Opportunities:
There are several opportunities offered by the Higher Diploma in Education at the public and private sectors, through the following:
  1. Preparing qualified academic leaders capable of keeping pace with the times.
  2. Providing more excellent job opportunities for teachers, administrators and educational supervisors in the public and private sectors.
  3. Qualification to receive educational leadership positions in various disciplines.
  4. Participation in the design and analysis of educational curricula.
  5. Qualifying for promotion degrees in academic and educational work.
  6. Providing opportunities to pursue postgraduate studies in master and doctoral