The Master's Program in Public Health Managment and Nursing Administration provides students with the opportunity to view and evaluate the various models of nursing administration in theory and practice. The emphasis is on clarifying the relationship between the theories and management concepts that are studied with the reality of working life in hospitals, health centers and other fields of nursing care. The principles of public health managment and nursing administration are based on the basic theories and concepts of management science, which include the theories of management, management, human resource management and strategic planning

In addition, students are qualified to develop the administrative reality in health care institutions through their studies of many courses that provide them with the necessary skills to develop administrative procedures and scientific research methods in nursing, data processing and analysis statistically, the foundations of nursing theories and their applications, And other important courses.

Excellence in the preparation and graduation of nurses and nurses in the field of nursing management in line with the highest national and international standards for the nursing profession.

The message

The College of Nursing is committed to graduating highly qualified nurses and nurses in the field of nursing management who are able to provide excellent nursing care and are able to develop nursing staff in various health institutions to make a significant difference in the quality of nursing care.

Program Goals

The Master of Nursing Management program aims at preparing leading gradates in the field of nursing management who are able to improve health institutions in an integrated and effective manner. This program is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Increase awareness of the importance of developing nursing management and its role in health care.
  2. Develop the capacity of nurses who hold managerial responsibilities in their workplace as well as develop their abilities to change some behaviors based on their holistic understanding of nursing management approach.
  3. Laying the foundations of nursing practice based on scientific evidence.
  4. Conducting scientific research in the nursing department that will lead to a better understanding of the nature of nursing management in Jordan.
  5. Develop nurses who have the desire to continue their careers in the academic field and prepare them to be faculty members in the field of nursing management.
  6. Collaborate with health professionals from international universities to provide quality education and bring up to date experiences.

This program is unique in zarqa university because it is supported by Erasmus+ project The MEDiterranean Public HEALTH Alliance (MED-HEALTH) , Project number: 561748-EPP-1- 2015-1-PSEPPKA2-CBHE-JP. The MED-HEALTH master program is supported by Erasmus plus project funded by European Union.

MED-HEALTH objective is building up South Mediterranean HEIs’ competences in the field of Public Health to improve public health performance, employment & development perspectives in the region. Introducing a Master Degree Programme in Health or Nursing Management in line with Bologna requirements and with a holistic and regional approach in South Mediterranean universities to prepare highly skilled and competent public health workforce.
The MED-HEALTH "e- Portal" is intended to be set up at the MEDiterranean partner HEIs, to serve as reference point for the students of the Master program and also for the Universities’ community, teaching staff, Practitioners and HEIs in the region as a whole. Partner universities

The MED-HEALTH idea is building up South Mediterranean HEIs’ competences in the field of Public Health to improve public health performance,employment development perspectives in the region . For achieving its objectives, MED-HEALTH is built upon a multifaceted & complementary consortium:

  1. An-Najah National University – ANNU – Palestine.
  2. University College of Applied Sciences – UCAS – Palestine
  3. Mutah University – MU – Jordan
  4. Zarqa University – ZU – Jordan
  5. University of Manouba – UMA – Tunisia
  6. University of Monastir – UM – Tunisia
  7. Universidad Pública de Navarra – UPNA – Spain
  8. Anglia Ruskin University Higher Education Corporation – ARU – United Kingdom
  9. Université Libre de Bruxelles – ULB – Belgium
  10. Agora Institute for Knowledge Management – Agora KM – Spain
  11. Palestinian Medical Relief Society – PMRS – Palestine
  12. Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network – EMPHNET – Jordan
  13. Horizons pour le Développement local – HDL – Tunisia Associated Partners
  14. Ministry of Education & Higher Education – Palestine
  15. Ministry of Health – Jordan
  16. National Institute of Public Health – Tunisia

Common Courses among Partner South Mediterranean Universities Courses
  1. Contextual factors and health information systems
  2. Essential issues in public health policy
  3. Health services management
  4. Health, culture and society
  5. Strategic management and commissioning
  6. Health Economics and Financing