Participation Instruction

Instructions for participating in the conference:

  • An abstract of the paper, the participation form, and the CV, should be sent before the deadline of February 15th, 2017, provided that the paper addresses one of the conference’s themes.
  • After accepting the abstract, the paper is sent in Arabic, or English, with the abstract in both languages.
  • The paper is scientifically reviewed by the Scientific Committee of the conference.
  • The paper is sent by e-mail (Word Document) no later than April 1st, 2017, provided that:
  1. The papers written in Arabic are typed in size (14) and font (Traditional Arabic).
  2. The papers written in English are typed in size (12) and font (Times New Roman).
  3. The paper should not exceed (25) pages, including attachments and appendixes.
  4. Papers already published, or accepted for publishing, will not be accepted for the conference.
  5. The university will not provide tickets for participants from outside of Jordan.