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Islamic banks have been developing rapidly in parallel with the rapid development in all aspects of economic and financial life, and reflected a practical bright image of Islamic economics. Nevertheless, Islamic banks demonstrated to the world their ability to avoid financial crises and lack of vulnerability, as evidenced by the continued growth and spread. Even the European countries began to experiment Islamic banking, either through Islamic windows in their banks, Islamic branches, or independent Islamic banks, and some traditional banks have established Islamic windows or branches.

After four decades, there is a need to evaluate these banks, in addition to the products and services they offer to the society; study their supporting institutions, their role in achieving economic stability, and the role of legislative monitoring bodies in controlling their work and ways to develop it; and discuss the ability of the administrations to lead their social and developmental roles.

The Twelfth International Scientific Conference entitled "Islamic Banking after Four Decades" comes in continuation of the policy of Zarqa University and the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in holding such international scientific conferences.

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