Vision and Mission



Leadership and distinction in scientific research and community service in the emerging fields of computer science are in line with contemporary needs.


Qualifying students in the fields of computer science such as algorithms, programming, artificial intelligence, and others, by providing a pioneering research learning environment that stimulates creativity and excellence supported by updated teaching plans, capable teaching competencies, and applied research projects that meet the needs of the local, regional, and international surroundings.

Core Values

  • Freedom of opinion and thought is the starting point for development.
  • Teamwork is the basis for success.
  • Continuous learning is the basis for creativity and talent development.
  • Research and development are pillars of scientific progress.
  • Community service is an inherent priority.

Intended Learning Outcomes

  • To be able to develop software systems that meet the needs of institutions and companies.
  • Understand the internal and organizational structure and the different operating systems of the computer.
  • To be able to manage and develop computer networks in any institution or company.
  • To be able to manage and develop information systems and databases in computerized institutions and companies.
  • To be proficient in communication skills in both Arabic and English.
  • To possess the skills of analysis, perception, research, and knowledge.