The bachelor of software engineering program provides the student with basic and advanced concepts and skills related to designing and building small and large computer systems, both simple and complex. The program has been formulated in response to the systems development market needs to prepare highly skilled software engineers. In addition, the faculty continuously makes sure that the program remains compatible with the evolving requirements and technologies in the field of software engineering. This program consists of 132 academic hours. The student begins with the basic knowledge necessary to study the major, such as: programming basics, discrete mathematics, data structures, database systems, and an introduction to software engineering. Then the student moves to acquire more in-depth skills and knowledge in the specialization, such as: software systems requirements engineering, systems analysis, advanced programming, patterns programming, database systems management, software project management, software testing and quality assurance. During the last academic year, the student undertakes a practical training in one of the Jordanian companies or institutions and finishes his/her study in this specialty by developing a graduation project, in which he/she applies the knowledge and skills learned during his/her university studies and the practical experience that accompany them.