Deans speech


To achieve the best quality of higher education and improving its outcomes and in order to meet the national, regional and global requirements of education, Zarqa University, has been keen to give exceptional priority to the processes of renewal, modernization and dynamic change. Since the middle of the 2014/2015 academic year, the university has established the Faculty of Information Technology as a Deanship of its own, with its departments dealing with various technological disciplines and their programs, which were established at the beginning of the opening of the university in 1994, merging with the Faculty of Science and bearing the name of the Faculty of Information Technology.

Today, the Faculty of Information Technology is witnessing a qualitative development with its services in five different disciplines and programs at the undergraduate level. It is keen to develop and achieve its quality through attention to strategic planning in order to achieve the best results.

The use of this planning has become a characteristic of this era and a means to achieve its goals and keep pace with its developments, and the Faculty of Information Technology has been unique in this name to grant a bachelor’s degree in the disciplines of computer science, software engineering, computer information systems, Internet technology, data science and artificial intelligence to provide the local community with qualified graduates in these areas.

The faculty has spared no effort in developing and progressing. At the beginning of the academic year (2012/2013) a master’s program in computer science was opened, and many students have completed their postgraduate studies for the master’s stage in this specialization to enter the labor market, and some of them have the opportunity to be faculty members In different faculties of the university, a master’s program in software engineering has been opened since the beginning of the second semester of the 2016/2017 academic year. At the beginning of 2022, the specialization of cyber security was opened for the bachelor’s stage, which will lead to supplying the labor market with competencies and capabilities Distinguished in these areas and keeping pace with the rapid developments in the field of information technology.

The Faculty of Information Technology has many competitive capabilities, which contributed greatly to its distinction, as the faculty includes more than (30) faculty members of various ranks who hold PhDs from reputable universities and have a very distinguished research activity.

The faculty also supervises the Association of Faculties of Computers and Information, through which it manages a refereed and globally indexed scientific journal (Clarivate Analytics & Scopus), as well as a specialized scientific conference that is organized every academic year, and its last session (the twenty-second) was held at the end of 2021.

The faculty gives great importance to student activities and participation in local and international competitions, including ITSAF, ACM competition, and robot competition, through which our students have achieved many awards over the years. The Faculty of Information Technology has a lot of competitive potentials that have contributed greatly to its distinction, as the faculty includes nearly 30 faculty members of various ranks who hold PhDs from prestigious universities and have very distinctive research activity.