Department Head


It gives me pleasure to welcome you to the Computer Science Department of the Faculty of Information Technology. The Computer Science Department was established with the establishment of Zarqa University in 1994, and it is nowadays one of the largest scientific departments. It was also the first department established in the Faculty of Information Technology, where the department contributed significantly to enhancing and enriching the university's position locally, regionally, and internationally. The department's graduates occupy important positions in various sectors.

The department offers regular studies through the morning and evening tracks, and the student is awarded a bachelor's degree in computer science after successfully passing 132 credit hours.

The Department of Computer Science in the faculty also attracts increasing numbers of students from inside Jordan and from other Arab countries to study in the master's program, which is characterized by flexibility and sobriety, by applying the conditions of private and public accreditation and keeping pace with its plans, curriculum, and decisions, recent developments in the field, and meeting the requirements of different sectors and environments. The department also has a group of faculty members with high levels of scientific and practical teaching experience and a high level of research and knowledge capabilities. Based on its mission, the Department of Computer Science constantly seeks to update and review study plans and the vocabulary of materials in line with the continuous developments in the field of computer science.

The department currently offers a number of different scientific programs, including:

 • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
 • Master of Computer Science (Thesis Track)
 • Master of Computer Science (Comprehensive Track)

Lastly, I would like to wish our students continued progress and success.