About the Department


The discipline of "Computer Science" emerged as a result of the technological development that the world has witnessed in recent times. It is defined as the discipline in which students analyze systems, algorithms, and study computer hardware, software, and complex processes that occur inside a computer. The study of this specialization also includes the enjoyment of the skills of planning, analysis, organization, comparison, and the ability to prove, solve problems, and design programming languages. It is the science that studies computing, data processing, theories, and applications. The acronym "CS" is used for it.

The Department of Computer Science was established with the establishment of Zarqa University in 1994, and the department is concerned with using theoretical and practical methods of processing and transmitting information by means of computers. Graduates are awarded a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. The department is very interested in the quality of education and its outputs and has qualified faculty members in the most important academic fields in computer science, as well as multiple laboratories and classrooms equipped with the latest equipment necessary to provide the best services for our students.

The Computer Science major is concerned with building the student's specialized knowledge in the field of computers in order to prepare him to work in the fields of programming, computer networks, and the development of various computer systems in various official institutions, in addition to private institutions and companies. The student also learns courses that build programming knowledge, as he studies a number of advanced programming languages, the foundations of designing and analyzing algorithms, data structures, object-and-visual programming, and database systems. The student also gets acquainted with the latest methods of systems analysis and design, using the latest systems used for this purpose.

The Department of Computer Science includes classrooms equipped with display devices and air-conditioning devices and computer laboratories equipped with all applied computer software, display devices, and smart panels. Finally, the student finishes his studies in this specialty by conducting an applied project that employs the skills and knowledge that he acquired during his university studies, which qualifies him for a successful transition to the labor market.