Department Head


The Computer Information Systems major is one of the few majors that cannot be dispensed with in the labor market because of its focus on databases and information in all its forms, whether huge databases, data science, information security, networks, or data mining. Through which the student can learn about data analysis processes from different points of view and discover the imbalances, patterns, and correlations that exist in data sets that are insightful and useful for predicting results that help to make appropriate decisions, because the world is witnessing today a great development in the use of computer systems and severe needs in the different labor markets, and it is also possible to follow the global development in the field of information systems. English is also used as the main language for teaching the subjects of this major.
The department offers a bachelor's program in computer information systems, where students study courses that qualify them to enter the world of computer systems in terms of understanding, dealing with, and developing them. On the other hand, practical training for students in this major receives great attention from the department due to our great belief in the importance of training students effectively so that they can obtain job opportunities immediately after graduation. The idea of training students is to hold courses and workshops for them at the university by specialized companies in addition to what the students receive during the field training, which is part of the program plan. The department includes a group of distinguished teachers with specializations and scientific ranks.