About the Program


The Bachelor's program in Computer Information Systems was introduced in the first semester of the academic year 2008/2009, as it was affiliated with the Department of Computer Science, before the establishment of the Department of Computer Information Systems. This decision came after the important and noticeable developments in this delicate field, as a study plan was prepared that includes modern courses that are in line with the latest scientific developments in this field, such as advanced databases and data exploration for their warehouse customers.

This program is based on regular study in the English language, and the student is awarded a bachelor's degree in computer information systems after successfully passing 132 academic hours. The program is also keen to ensure that the features of the graduate student are compatible with the needs of the labor market in these areas, as the program is concerned with building specialized knowledge of the student in the field of computer information systems, in order to prepare him to work in the fields of programming, database management and the development of smart systems that serve various areas of private and public work. .