Vision and Mission



Excellence and leadership in providing programs and educational curricula and research in the Internet technology to serve the community at the local, regional and international levels.


Graduated qualified students, with extensive knowledge in everything related to the development of Internet technology, and to meet the needs of the market and achieve the vision of the university and the country.

Core Values
  1. The freedom and individuality of thought and viewpoints are the basis of academic and social development.
  2. University education is the starting point of the full utilization of human energy, creative talents and professional skills.
  3. Creativity is limitless when properly sponsored by the right patronage.
  4. Academic research is a means to improve life conditions.
  1. Keeping pace with the development in the department's plan, taking into consideration the needs of the local market.
  2. Providing an appropriate environment that includes all practical educational aspects, including teachers, laboratories, books, and others.
  3. Providing the student with basic knowledge based on the latest scientific methods that enable him to provide appropriate solutions to issues related to the Internet.
  4. Preparing graduates with high applied and scientific competence, which qualifies them to work in the market or complete their higher studies.
  5. Developing the computer skills of the local community, by organizing training courses on the use of the Internet and its software, or conducting studies and providing consultations.
  6. Upgrading the level of scientific research, and linking it to teaching and the needs of the local and regional environment.
  7. Disseminating knowledge and enhancing research cooperation with local, regional and international institutions.
The Purposes
  • To develop and improve the educational environment in line with international and local developments
  • To enhance the academic level of graduates of Internet technology so they would be distinguished and qualified locally, regionally and globally.
  • To raise the level of scientific research and increase its effectiveness and productivity, in particular the applied scientific research
  • To upgrade the level of performance in accordance with the requirements of academic accreditation.
  • To achieve joint cooperation between the Internet technology department and the community.