Department Head


With the rapid growth in the transformation to the digital world and the introduction of information technology in various industrial, commercial, and social fields, it was necessary to create programs in information technology to facilitate this transformation. The Internet Technology Department is one of the modern departments that meet the needs of the market and society in building applications and software that keep pace with the needs of society.

The specialization of Internet technology depends on providing students with modern scientific and practical skills in developing applications and software for the web and smart phones. The plan of the Internet Technology and its applications program includes the latest courses that develop students' skills and provide them with excellent knowledge in information technology. As this program teaches many modern materials related to web programming, smartphones, networks, information security, cloud computing, and the Internet of things, in order to keep pace with the most important developments and the rapid development in the world of information technology.

The department holds workshops and seminars specialized in information technology, in addition to a field training program for students in various institutions to learn about the needs of the market and society and develop students' skills in order to compete in obtaining the best opportunities in the labor market.