Vision, Mission, and Objectives



Quality in teaching and excellence in the profession.


Prepare scientifically, and technically qualified students in the field of library and information science compatible with the Jordanian and Arab market needs, and having the skills needed for collecting, organizing and retrieving information resources and making them available to users, and having the capability of employing modern technology in the work, thus contributing to the development and progress of the profession.


Preparing scientifically, technically and technically qualified human cadres in the field of library and information science. Familiarizing students with information environments and their various institutions, and recent developments and developments in the profession; To ensure the enrichment of their scientific knowledge and expertise in the field.
Providing students with the necessary skills to work in libraries of all kinds, information centers and other information units efficiently.

  • Developing students 'desire to develop their skills through the use of self-learning methods.
  • Developing the professional affiliation of students in the program.
  • The program cooperates with other institutions concerned with information and teaching it in Jordan and other countries in the fields of research, conferences, exchange of experiences, and others.