Academics Educational Sciences Vision, Mission & Objectives
Vision, Mission & Objectives



Pioneering and excellence to become internationally recognized among counterpart faculties.


Promoting and developing the college programs to reflect the new international trends in educational sciences, the library and Information science and connecting these issues with the labor market and the comprehensive development plans in Jordan, in addition to encouraging scientific research and society services.

Basic Values:
  • Total quality.
  • Promotion of knowledge.
  • Ethics and scientific authenticity.
  • Commitment.
  • Team work spirit.
  • Universal thinking.
  • Innovation and creativity.
  • Encouraging scientific research.
  • Self- Learning and continuous education.

The faculty exerts all possible efforts to achieve the following goals:
Preparing students academically, technically, and technologically to enable them to carry out adequately their assigned duties in the future. Building the universal student character open on all other societies and cultures. Building a comprehensive student's character, that is scientifically, socially and psychologically aware of its responsibilities and duties. Encouraging scientific research among teaching staff and students. Continuous cooperation with the local community and its establishments to achieve the comprehensive and continuous growth and development.