About the Department


Childhood is the most important stage of the stages of the formation of the personality of the individual in its various aspects, and the basis for the progress and advancement of society, and accordingly the early childhood Department was established as of the beginning of the academic year 2011/2012, as one of the leading Department in Jordanian universities, and to meet the urgent need in the Jordanian and Arab markets, and it is known that The Ministry of Education has initiated the establishment of early childhood in public schools since 1999, in implementation of Article No. (8) Paragraph (B) of the Ministry of Education Law No. (3 of 1994). A group of distinguished faculty members are available in the Department, as well as laboratories and models. A simulation of the modern kindergarten for the purpose of practical training for students in different school subjects. In addition, the Department focuses on-field training in early childhood for a whole semester.