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Faculty of Education Club


The College of Educational Sciences, like other colleges at Zarqa University, seeks to develop the personality of its students through the participation of students in many scientific and social activities and events inside and outside the university, and in order to achieve this main goal, the College of Educational Sciences, in cooperation with the Deanship of Dog Affairs, established the College of Educational Sciences club, where it supervises Club d. Mahmoud Marouh.
Club goals:
  1. Activating the role of students of the College of Educational Sciences in achieving ideals and community service.
  2. Preparing the university student properly from the intellectual, physical and social aspects through the practice of activities in various fields.
  3. Raise the student's ability to research and study and open the horizons of knowledge in front of him to include lectures, seminars and participation in competitions.
The most important activities of the club:
  1. The Educational Wall Magazine: a quarterly magazine for the College of Educational Sciences, in which students from different disciplines participate with articles and educational activities after being approved by the magazine's supervisors.
  2. Dedicating a page on the college's website to the club's activities and students 'participation.
  3. Conducting scientific lectures given by professors from inside or outside the college according to the topics specified by the club, which serve the subjects of classroom teachers, libraries and early childhood.
  4. Holding scientific competitions between college departments.
  5. Establishing scientific visits and trips for the college's students to achieve the educational goals and in line with the vision and mission of the College of Educational Sciences.
  6. Conducting student seminars on a specific topic, book, or reference serving the college's specializations.