Conference on Entrepreneurial Horizons for Higher Education Systems in the Arab World

Period (15–16/4/2020)
Co-chair institution The partner institution, Zarqa University, An-Najah Palestinian University
Idea of the conference The partner institution, Zarqa University, An-Najah Palestinian University The idea of the conference Higher education in the third millennium witnessed a number of changes; As a result of his being affected by the political, economic, social and technical repercussions of globalization, which were represented in many aspects that made him emerge from his local isolation to openness to the countries and peoples of the world, and the manifestations of the implications of globalization on higher education through the increase in academic and professional mobility in various educational institutions. Sensing the challenges and opportunities that the contemporary global environment imposes on higher education in the Arab world, the policy of developing higher education has tended towards imparting an international and global dimension to its plans, as the future vision of Arab higher education stipulated in its development plan a university education that competes for leadership and contributes to building the knowledge economy and society. Knowledge, and meets the requirements of socio-economic development, and highlights the international and global dimension in the policies of achieving the future vision of education.

Conference on Higher Education in the Arab World in Light of the Global Challenges and Transformations

Period (2–3/5/2018)
Co-chair institution The Faculty of Shar'ea at Zarqa University
Idea of the conference with beginning of the third millennium, many states revised and assessed their work, performance, and achievement, and analyzed points of strength and weakness, to determine the opportunities for development and it's options to work on reinforcing the positive and avoid the negative, this is the way the advanced nations that recognize reaching this place only comes through the upbringing of future generations of integrated holistic education, that provide them with databases, life skills, practical experience, and moral values that make them able to adapt to modern development, meeting the challenges with highly competency, and this explains the attention paid by many countries of the world to radically revise their educational systems continuously to be reassured of their ability in preparing the generations for the community of the twenty-first century. Given the major role of universities and other higher educational institution in development, identifying the challenges, and finding appropriate solutions, was the idea of the conference.

The Education in a Renewed Digital Environment

Period (19-20/4/2017)

Idea of the Conference Educational systems at the present time face conditions and variants that are different from what they used to be in the past decades, especially in respect to the challenges imposed by the information and communications technology and their applications, it became a must for these systems to respond to such challenges, adapt to them, and create the necessary changes; hence the idea of this conference.

Higher education in the Arab World: Towards Global Competitiveness

Period (11-16/5/2016)
Co-chair institution The Faculty of Educational Science at the University of Jordan
The idea of Conference Higher Education in the Arab world faces diverse challenges; world competitiveness and the information revolution imposed qualitative changes in different cultural, social, economic, and educational aspects, and these changes seem to be more clearly in the education systems, particularly higher education, because it contributes substantially to achieving the aspirations and goals of the community, as it is the instrument to achieve an economic and social promotion, and that requires change and development to improve Arab Universities to arrive at universality. The importance of this conference stems from being an Arab gathering where there is an opportunity for specialists and those interested in the affairs of higher education meet, communicate, and exchange experiences, to set an Arab vision of the accreditation program and quality assurance, and to reveal the ability of higher education to arrive at universality, as well as intuit it's future in light of the world competiveness.

Community Responsibility of Arab Universities

Period (19-20/4/2017)
Co-chair institution Al-Quds Open University
The idea of the conference Universities have an effective role in society, they are not just buildings limited to providing teaching activities for the students without interacting with the various community development issues, for the society expects it to provide scientific services that contribute to its development and transformation into a knowledgeable one, and spread awareness in different issues that the society need.