Dean's Word


The main objectives of Education are; building up integrated human personality; physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally, trying to reach perfection in all aspects of human life, improving the community through developing its members , uniting their opinions and their intellectual, cultural and religious perspectives ,plus controlling their attitudes .Thus ,Education is a social normalization process through which, a person can acquire his social status and interacts positively in the society. The best evidence of this is the cooperation among the members of Jordanian society where education has a great influence on creating collaborative, interactive and fruitful society in all aspects of life.

Faculty of Educational Sciences is one of the first faculties that were founded at Zarqa University (ZU) in 1994 because of its importance and prominent role in building up the universal human who is brooded-minded and capable of being effective in his community scientifically, technically and technologically. The Faculty consists of three undergraduate specializations: Classroom Teacher, Library and Information Sciences and Kindergarten.

The faculty seeks to prepare qualified classroom teachers to teach the elementary education cycle grades from the first grade till the fourth grade that are considered as the main base for education and an essential stage for students development in the subsequent cycles.

The faculty also aims at keeping up with the enormous development in scientific fields, communication and technology, so the Department of Library and Information Sciences was established to provide the community with graduates who can organize, retrieve information and deliver it to knowledge seekers in modern and scientific way. In addition to that, the specialization of Kindergarten also was established to meet the needs of the community, in light of the results of the studies that ensure the importance of this stage in constructing human’s personality in all aspects.

In conclusion, we wish that our faculty in particular and Zarqa University in general will achieve more success and development during the reign of his Majesty King Abdullah bin Al-Hussein, the Second, may Allah bless him.