Course No. Course Name Hours Prerequisite
University Obligatory Requirments
0200104National Education3 
0200105Communication Skills (Arabic 1)30200150,0201001
0200106Communication Skills (English 1)30200151,0202001
0200110Military Science3 
0200111Islamic Culture and Contemporary Issues3 
0200115Society development and volunteer work0 
0200153Life Skills1 
0200154Leadership and Social Responsibility1 
0400202Pioneering and Innovation1 
University Elective Requirments
0200113History of Jordan and Palestine3 
0200114Jerusalem History and Civilization3 
0200116Communication Skills (Arabic 2)30200105
0200122Principles of Education3 
0200125Principles of Law3 
0200127University Code of Conduct3 
0200130Crimes of Terrorism3 
0200156Development and Environment3 
0300123Principles of Astronomy3 
0300124Scientific Culture3 
0300152Computer Skills30300151,0306001
0300157Digital Education3 
0300161First Aid3 
Faculties OBLIGATORY Requirments
0400101Principles of Microeconomics3 
0400102Principles of Statistics3 
0400103Mathematics for Economics and Business3 
0400201Business Administration (1)3 
0400301Principles of Accounting 13 
0400302Principles of Accounting 230400301
0400501Principles of Marketing3 
0409999Research Seminar0 
Department Obligatory Requirments
0101115Introduction to the Principles of Fiqh3 
0101119Fiqh of the Companies and Authentication3 
0101226Fiqh of the Trade-Offs and Voluntary Contributions3 
0404211Financial Management30400302
0408221Islamic Banking Marketing30400501
0408231Islamic Monetary and Fiscal Policy30401111
0408241Principles of Islamic Economics (Macroeconomic and Microecon30401111
0408253Finance and Investment in Islam30404211
0408261Islamic Banks30404211
0408280Local Islamic banking operation30408261
0408285Islamic Financial and banking legislation30408261
0408289Foreign islamic banking operations30408261
0408313Financial and monetary markets30404211
0408325Islamic Insurance3 
0408335Credit Risk Management and Islamic Banking30404211,0408261
0408384Islamic banks accounting (1)30400301,0408261
0408385Economics of Zakat and Waqf30400302
0408411Auditting and Sharia Control in Islamic Banks30408261
0408415Practical Training for Students of Banks30000000
0408440 Computers in Islamic Banks Operations30408253,0408261
0408485Islamic banks accounting (2)30408384
Department Elective Requirments
0404310 Small Projects Funding30404211
0408240Banking and Economic Thought in Islam3 
0408322Public Finance in Islam30408261
0408327Sharia standards for islamic financial institutions30408261
0408354Islamic Accounting Standards30408261
0408358Islamic Investment Portfolio Management30408253
0408412Contemporary Issues in Islamic Banking30408261
0408486Accounting islamic insurance companies30408325
Ancillary Requirments
0101423Fiqh Rules and Theories3 
0401111Principles of Macroeconomics30400101
0401227Research Methodolgy for Administrative Science30400102
0401312Islamic Economics30401111
0401417Feasibility Study And Project Evaluation30400101
0407455E-Commerce and Business30400201
Faculties Elective Requirments