Dean's Word


I am pleased to present on my own behalf and on behalf of my colleagues, members of the faculty in the college , to welcome all visitors to the website of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administrative Sciences, and seeing the information it contains about its activities and, in addition to what has been developed to serve students in terms of plans, models and descriptions of the courses aimed at facilitating their access for reliable information, and effective communication with the Deanship of the College, scientific departments and faculty members. With God's helep we were able to complete the preparation of the college's website, which documented its history since its establishment with the university's establishment in the year 1994, including its administrative system, plans, academic programs and curricula vitae of the faculty members in the college, in a modest attempt and effort. The college has witnessed successive developments that included all academic departments and programs, and it has become one of the colleges referred to in the field of economics and business administrative sciences at the local, regional and international levels. The college awards a bachelor's degree in eight majors (Economics, Business Administration, Accounting, Accounting Information Systems, Financial and Banking Sciences, Marketing, Management Information Systems, and Islamic Banking), and it also awards a master's degree in four different programs: Accounting, Marketing, Business Administration and Islamic Banking. The college seeks to develop postgraduate programs in line with the needs of the local, regional and international labor market. The quality of education and specialized diversity is the main concern of the college as it always seeks to teach in a distinctive and appropriate way to match the needs of developments at the local, regional and international levels, while highlighting the Arab and Islamic identity through the curriculums and decisions offered by the college in order to maintain a high level of excellence for its graduates with knowledge, morals, faith and civilized behavior so that The graduate combines originality and modernity to contribute to building and developing society. This site is considered a scientific curriculum, and a guiding method for the student and the local community, as it clarifies everything related to the courses and study plans for all disciplines and academic programs in the college and a means of communication to spread all the curricular and extracurricular activities of the college.

We hope that you will find in this website something that fulfills your ambitions, enriches your information, and fulfills your desires. In conclusion, thanks are extended to all administrative and academic levels at the university for the continuous support provided to the college, which has a great role in achieving its mission, vision and goals emanating from the mission, vision and goals of the university. Peace, mercy and blessings of God.