Academics Economy Vision, Mission & Objectives
Vision, Mission & Objectives



Excellence in teaching, training, scientific research and community service in the fields of economics and management sciences at the local, regional and international levels


Providing distinguished educational programs for students with the aim of preparing qualified graduates in the fields of economics and administrative sciences to meet the needs of the local, regional and international market, and to encourage scientific research and community service for faculty members and students.


Work to keep pace with the progress in science and knowledge in economic and administrative fields around the world and employ them according to the actual needs of society and the requirements of scientific progress in the various disciplines of the college in a way that serves the goals of scientific research, and to encourage faculty members to develop educational curricula by achieving the following goals:

  • Strive for the college's programs to be compatible with the requirements of the community and the local, regional and global labor markets.
  • Promote teamwork among students, refine their talents, and enhance the state of maturity in facing the existing problem and the decision-making process to enable them to enter the labor market and to work efficiently and effectively.
  • Paying attention to the educational and social dimensions of the teaching process in order to develop the student's personality.
  • Applying information technology in the field of education and building human expertise to enhance the student's capabilities to acquire scientific knowledge and adopt modern methods of teaching and communication.
  • Organizing and conducting conferences and specialized scientific activities, and inviting faculty members, researchers and those interested in universities and scientific research centers and institutions from Jordan and abroad to participate in them.
  • Laying down plans for the various college programs according to the latest academic systems and in accordance with the highest quality standards in higher education.
  • Reviewing and developing performance standards and periodic follow-up to ensure quality.
  • Encouraging faculty members to contribute to scientific research and publication in all areas of specialized scientific knowledge.
  • Strengthening the relationship between faculty members and community institutions by working to strengthen ties and communication with them in order to contribute to their development and promotion.
  • Adherence to the values of human rights and social justice, and respect for diversity in societies, individuals and ideas.