About the Department



The development of specialization Islamic banks function as an independent within the Facolty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in 2010, in response to the requirements of Jordanian and international labor market. Where it characterized his plan to observe Islamic financial and banking needs at the local level, Arab and international, with a view to keep up with increasing the number of Islamic banks and the size of their resources in addition to taking the developments in Islamic banking and investment banks in order to achieve a balance between collecting deposits and employed depending on the conditions of the environment where there are teaching of specialized staff in operations the field of Islamic banking in the department.

Graduates areas:

Can facolty members and students benefit from the section devoted to college computer labs, which takes many different software to satisfy the need of the banking market due to the expansion and development has available the following need and which represent opportunities for graduates work appeared:

  1. Work within the moltiple Islamic bank departments because of the student's access to financial, accounting, administrative, banking and legal knowledge.
  2. Work in productive projects that serve the economic and community development.
  3. Work in central banks (control of Islamic banks).
  4. Work in the Islamic insurance companies.
  5. Work in the field of financial consoltation.
  6. Work in financial audit, and Shariaah audit.
  7. Work in Ijarah Muntahia beltamleek companies .

Education outcomes:

After obtaining a degree in Islamic banks are expected to get the graduate on the following skills:

  1. Knowledge of the business environment, including the Islamic banks, as the work includes all investment in business areas.
  2. Processing capacity of a financial plan takes into account risk and return according to the precepts of the Shariah.
  3. Contact the achievement of Arab and foreign languages skill.
  4. Rehabilitation of the graduate financial control and legitimacy.
  5. Definition graduate ways to develop solutions to the problems of Islamic banks according to the precepts of the Shariah, including the development of banking products.
  6. Rehabilitation of the graduate to make decisions regarding the granting of Islamic finance.