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Faculty Activities


Some of the activities of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
  1. Meeting of the Vice President and Dean of the Faculty of Economics with the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Committee
  2. The College of Economics and Administrative Sciences holds an online workshop via the Microsoft Teams
  3. A training course entitled: Electronic auditing through remote training using the ZOOM
  4. The Department of Accounting Sciences holds a workshop: Submitting tax returns electronically
  5. General Director of Income and Sales Tax Department lectures at Zarqa University
  6. A workshop entitled: E-learning system
  7. Lecture in Sharia control and audit
  8. The Department of Management Information organizes a workshop on the role of information technology and corporate social responsibility
  9. The Marketing Department holds a workshop entitled - Time management and facing work pressures
  10. The Department of Accounting Sciences holds a workshop on electronic information security
  11. Four presentations from faculty members in the college
  12. Islamic banking four decades after its inception
  13. Workshop entitled: Accounting auditing in light of electronic information systems
  14. An awareness lecture - the role of youth in facing the intellectual invasion
  15. Mr. Hatem Al-Qawasmi lectures at Zarqa University
  16. The President of the Jordanian Association of Certified Public Auditors gives a lecture entitled Auditing and Professional Certificates